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Quality Care Services for Seniors Living Independently

Being independent means choosing to take control of your own life. It’s how you take responsibility for it and do things on your own. But this does not mean you have to do everything by yourself because, as humans, we live to help each other out. Especially when you grow older, when you start to … Continue reading

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How Can Speech Therapy Help Seniors?

Due to age or illness, seniors experience difficulty in communicating effectively. Speech impediment may hinder their ability to interact or prevent them from expressing their pain, discomfort, or other health concerns. The good news is, speech therapy can help improve their communication and prevent communication-related challenges at home. Read on to know how it helps. … Continue reading

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How the Elderly Benefits from Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is among the services that a home health agency in Ohio provides. This type of therapy is beneficial to a lot of people, especially seniors. How does speech therapy directly benefit seniors and those who require home health care in Columbus, Ohio? Here are some of these benefits. Improves swallowing Aging leads to … Continue reading

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Heart Health for Seniors

Keeping a healthy heart becomes even more difficult with other illnesses that come around as we age. Families depend on home health services in Columbus, Ohio for cardiovascular assessment and aid. In addition to that, seniors and their families must be aware of the signs and ways to prevent an attack. Signs and Symptoms The … Continue reading

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Quality Companionship Goes a Long Way Toward Happiness

According to a home health agency in Ohio, some senior adults are no longer fit to drive and travel to places by themselves due to age-related health concerns. As a result, their social life becomes close to non-existent, leaving them feeling isolated from the world. While their children and grandchildren may visit them from time … Continue reading

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