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Dealing with Your Child’s Chronic Illness as a Family

Most people don’t associate children with chronic diseases and disabilities. But reality speaks otherwise. 10-20 million American children and adolescents deal with it, says Dealing with chronic illness in the family, more so if it’s a child involved, can be life-changing. What are the challenges parents of ill or disabled children face? And how … Continue reading

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Seniors’ Oral Health Care: How Important Is It?

Fact: We only get one set of permanent teeth in our lifetime. That becomes more evident when we reach our senior years. So, taking care of our teeth – on your own or with the help of home health services in Columbus, Ohio – is crucial. According to the Washington Dental Service Foundation: Approximately 75% … Continue reading

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How to Age Gracefully

We all want to be able to age gracefully, but sometimes, it can feel like an impossible task. However, it is easier than it looks. With a few simple lifestyle changes, it is possible to maintain not only your independence and health but also your youth. Here are the lifestyle changes that can help you … Continue reading

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General Tips When Monitoring Your Loved Ones’ Vital Signs

Monitoring vital signs is one of the most important roles of home health services providers in Columbus, Ohio for patients. Vital signs help doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals evaluate the basic functions of the body. Health care professionals often take readings of the 4 primary vital signs which are: Blood pressure Body temperature … Continue reading

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The Secrets to Speeding Up Your Recovery from Surgery

A surgery can bring a huge relief from your condition and you will want to focus on getting healed faster after the procedure. Recovering from a surgery can be a straightforward process as long as you follow properly the discharge instructions. But, recovery requires diligence and effort to care for your surgical wound and your … Continue reading

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