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How Can Speech Therapy Help Seniors?

How Can Speech Therapy Help Seniors?

Due to age or illness, seniors experience difficulty in communicating effectively. Speech impediment may hinder their ability to interact or prevent them from expressing their pain, discomfort, or other health concerns. The good news is, speech therapy can help improve their communication and prevent communication-related challenges at home. Read on to know how it helps.

  • Improves ability to swallow
    As we age, our muscles get weak over time, affecting our ability to swallow. For elderly adults, this can be dangerous because they might choke on their food. Speech therapists from a home health agency in Ohio prepare a customized plan to help seniors strengthen their vocal cords, larynx, and jaw so they can better improve their swallowing reflex. This way, they can be more comfortable and safer during their daily meals.
  • Treats stroke-related disorders
    A patient who suffered from a stroke can develop speech disorders, like aphasia and apraxia. Aphasia refers to the inability to find the right words to express ideas or thoughts, whereas apraxia refers to a patient’s difficulty in moving their lips to form words. Speech therapy is an important part of home health services in Columbus, Ohio, where experienced therapists help patients to find the right words. They can also be guided in performing repetition exercises to aid patients in turning sounds into words.
  • Improves quality of life
    Seniors who have untreated speech problems are susceptible to developing feelings of isolation, affecting their physical health. Help your senior loved ones improve their speech so they can live healthier and longer lives. At Columbia Home Health Care, our therapy services are tailored to help our clients remediate speech articulation problems. We are a home health care in Columbus, Ohio, committed to helping your loved ones improve from their speech disorders and sustain a good quality of life.

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