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Top 4 Reasons Why Our Sick Loved Ones Should Still Feel Independent

Top 4 Reasons Why Our Sick Loved Ones Should Still Feel Independent

Many sick people find it difficult to cope with their health conditions. After all, not only does it take a toll on the people they love and the people around them, it also takes a toll on them first and foremost. It may even bring them sadness or make them upset that their health condition prevents them from living a normal life.

However, it is important to know that there are actually many ways to help your sick loved ones still feel an improvement in the quality of their lives and one of the ways is to remind them that they are still independent, that they are still people, and that they are still capable of taking control of their own life.

Here are the top 4 reasons why it’s important for our sick loved ones to still feel independence:

  1. It boosts their self-esteem.

    Boosting a sick loved ones’ self-esteem can actually greatly improve their overall health as well. Giving them confidence and trust in themselves is a good place to start. This can happen with the smallest things, like letting them wash dishes when they can.

  2. It gives them a reason to do things for themselves.
    It may be a bleak life to be a sick person, but that does not have to be the case all the time. By allowing them some form of independence, they are more motivated to do more things for themselves, like learning new hobbies or watching movies.
  3. It gives them a semblance of control over their lives.
    Of course, who doesn’t want to be in control of their life? By giving them control, people with health conditions find it easier to bounce back from challenging times as their lives would still be in order precisely because they are still in control of it.
  4. It encourages them to do more even with the limitations they have.
    Independence in the smallest ways allows your loved ones to remember that they are not their illness. Their limitations do not define them and they are always still the “masters of their fate”, as the poet William Ernest Henley once said.

At Columbia Home Health Care, a provider of home health services in Columbus, Ohio, we set a priority on being able to provide this independence to you or your loved ones because we understand the value of it to each individual. Through providing quality home health care services, independence can be achieved and quality of life can be improved in the comforts of your own home.

Feel free to call us at 614-308-0100 or send an e-mail to for any inquiries or clarifications about the services we offer. Our website, which can be found at, is also available for your perusal. It contains all the necessary information you may need.

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