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Top 3 Things You Didn’t Know About Home Health Aides

Top 3 Things You Didn’t Know About Home Health Aides

You have probably heard about another type of caregiver in your trusted home healthcare providers. We might have known the term “home health aides” but we still do not understand the nature of their tasks and responsibilities when it comes to patient care. Because we are now living in a world where health is an important issue, it is best to get to know this new type of caregiver.

What are home health aides?

By definition, home health aides are trained individuals who can focus on chronically ill and disabled patients. They center on providing assisted daily living activities to most sick and senior patients. They provide a wide variety of healthcare services depending on the needs of the patient.

To get to know our home health aides better, here are three things that you need to know:

  1. Their job is to assist seniors

    Just like any other caregiver, home health aides cater to the needs of the seniors. They differ only in the depth of the services they can provide. Usually, home health aides are assigned to seniors who are advised to stay at home with their doctors.

    Their tasks can range from providing companionship, transporting seniors for medical check-ups, doing groceries, and keeping the house clean. They can also help seniors when managing their medication and attending to their daily needs.

  2. They can work in any kind of environment

    Health care cannot be limited to a hospital and home environment alone. Although these two places are the most common places where caregivers and medical professionals can work in, we can basically find them anywhere. The good thing about home health aides is that you can easily find them.

    Since their jobs are more on the generic rather than specific, it is easy to assign them to different work settings. We can find them at our local community center and clinics. We can hire a personal aide so we can provide our seniors a one-on-one care. We can also find them in a Home Health Care Agency in Columbus, Ohio, the Columbia Home Health Care. Their visibility is very important because all the needs of the patients can be addressed immediately.

  3. Home health aide requires skills and training

    If you think that the job of our home health aides is easy, then think again. Although academic diplomas are not strictly required for home health aides, certifications and training units are definitely a must! Not everyone can deliver the job well. They need to have certain skills to make them different from most caregivers.

    One of the important qualities that a home health aides must have is an eye for detail. They must be very observant to the changes in the health of the seniors so that they can easily bring them to the doctor and provide immediate treatment.

In addition, home health aides must also be flexible and approachable. The daily struggles of home health aides are generally unpredictable. You never know the disposition of the patient, hence, you should be able to adapt your approach to senior care, as well as build rapport with your patient.

Our home health aides at Columbia Home Health Care, your partner in Home Health Services in Columbus, Ohio, are really amazing! We do not just focus on delivering quality healthcare services but we also make sure that our patients and staff are working closely to achieve their goal: a better health for everyone.

Support our home health aides and our journey to providing quality health care for all! For more information, you can check our website at or call us at 614-308-0100.

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