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Tips on How to Improve Seniors’ Mobility

Tips on How to Improve Seniors’ Mobility

It is a common observation that when people reach the senior years, their mobility also declines. For this reason, many seniors get help from aides recommended by a home health agency in Ohio. Aides can assist them in moving around safely to avoid accidents.

But, do you know that seniors can still improve their mobility? Even at their age, you can help in reducing mobility issues.

For that, consider the following tips:

  • Work on Maintaining an Active Lifestyle
    For many seniors, a sedentary lifestyle can be a very easy choice. Yet, the more sedentary the person is, the more their muscle and bone strength declines. Hence, encourage your senior loved one to stay active. They can enroll in a physical therapy program facilitated by a provider of home health care in Columbus, Ohio. They can also work out with their friends while following a doctor-prescribed regimen.
  • Select a Mobility Aid
    Seniors may depend on mobility aids to move properly. For this reason, they also need to choose the right mobility aid for their condition. Because there are many aids to choose from, they may need professional guidance from their doctor or pharmacist.
  • Practice Balancing
    Seniors can get help from licensed physical therapists. These professionals can create a care plan for your loved one’s specific balancing issues. If your senior loved one improves on their balance, they can minimize the risk of falling. As a result, they can be more confident in walking around with or without a mobility aid.
  • Hit the Right Weight
    The elderly should maintain ideal weight for their age. Gaining extra weight may result in joint pains and muscle strains, just to name a few. These pains can make it difficult for them to walk and can even intensify other health problems. To maintain a healthy weight, encourage your aging loved one to exercise and follow a well-balanced diet.
  • Talk with a Healthcare Team
    Our senior loved ones can also benefit from the help of a whole healthcare team. This team includes their physician, therapists, pharmacists, nurses, and of course, their family members. The healthcare team can identify issues that affect mobility and find ways to treat or address these.

As a provider of home health services in Columbus, Ohio, we know that mobility issues of seniors can be addressed. If you have a loved one who is facing these kinds of issues, we can help them. Set an appointment with us at Columbia Home Health Care. We have licensed therapists who can also work out plans to cope with mobility difficulties.

Would you like to know how else we can help you? Contact us today. Also, feel free to share this post!

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