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The Wonders of Physical Therapy Explained


Exercising has been and will always be a positive activity that our bodies can benefit from since our bodies were built to move; keep it in an inactive state for a consecutive number of days and you will surely be well-oriented into being lethargic.

Leading a good lifestyle and having a good approach to food consumption is always ideal, especially when you involve staying active. It is not even necessary for one to enroll at a gym because home exercises are equally as effective.

To give everyone an opportunity to have better health, our home health care in Columbus, Ohio also provides safe physical therapy to help homebound individuals achieve good health and balance even as they have more time in staying at home.

Discover how physical therapy can work wonders for your loved one.

For Better Mobility
Older age groups are the most prone to accidental falls and slips due to their weakened strength or even medical conditions. Physical therapy provided by our home health agency in Ohio helps increase the mobility and balance of clients by introducing them to strengthening and stretching exercises that will keep their muscle from going into atrophy.

Staying Active
Targeted exercises given to clients for curative and preventive aspects keep them active and can help delay seen and unseen signs of aging. The increased heart rate done through physical activity promotes good blood circulation into the body and allows proper distribution of oxygen and nutrients into the brain, keeping away from any cognitive-related diseases.

  • Walking, Jogging, Stretching – Increased heart rate helps with good blood flow
  • Indoor exercises – Water bottles, chairs, and tennis balls as exercise tools

Positive Outlook in Life
Staying active also increases the release of endorphins in the body, giving the individual a boost of feel-good hormones that can contribute to a better, more positive outlook in life. If an individual in their advanced years is still capable of doing any form of physical activity, indoors or outdoors, it gives them a sense of accomplishment that they are doing something to better their bodies.

  • Meditation – Helps lower stress and pain levels, anxiety, and negative emotions

Through our physical therapists, families are able to maximize the care their loved ones are receiving as they try to recover from an injury, achieve better health and mobility, or simply have a change in routine that will improve their mental health.

Achieving better health at home with Columbia Home Health Care is only a phone call away. Get in touch with us to know how physical therapy can help your loved one achieve that and more.

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