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The Secrets to Speeding Up Your Recovery from Surgery


A surgery can bring a huge relief from your condition and you will want to focus on getting healed faster after the procedure. Recovering from a surgery can be a straightforward process as long as you follow properly the discharge instructions. But, recovery requires diligence and effort to care for your surgical wound and your body following the surgery. This is the reason you may want to consider our quality home health care services. To help you get through the healing process, we want to share the following tips:

  • Follow what your Doctor Says to the Letter

    A lot of patients will follow only the doctor’s instructions, which they think make sense and ignore what they don’t like. However, no matter how basic or silly the instruction may sound, this is not the right time for you to decide on what could be beneficial for your recovery. It is important to follow your recovery plan as your doctor recommended.

  • Don’t Miss your Follow Up Appointments

    Follow-up appointments are important as these help check and evaluate your progress. Even if you feel like you are healed, never think you could miss your appointments. Your doctor will know your real condition, and whether or not your surgical wound has healed. Also, they will be able to find out more things that you won’t. Your follow-up appointments may include finding signs of infection, doing blood work, and ensuring your surgery has treated your condition. Your doctor may also change your medications when necessary.

  • Check your Surgical Wound Many Times Every Day

    Depending on your procedure, checking on your surgical wound may be possible. Check the color of your wound as this can indicate how it’s healing. Also, find out if there is wound drainage. Your observation is necessary to know if the operated site is still healing or becoming infected. Our home health care agency in Columbus, Ohio has health care professionals who can assist you with this.

  • Eat and Drink Right

    Your surgery might not make you lose your appetite for food and even water. But, eating a healthy diet and staying hydrated is important to speed up your recovery. Also, this can reduce common complications and help you avoid the undesirable side effects of anesthesia. Columbia Home Health Care has home health aides who can prepare nutritious meals for you.

  • Manage your Pain

    The wound may still cause you some pain and you might choose not to take your pain medications for a reason. However, when you experience too much pain as you walk or cough, you should see your doctor right away. This is because you may be at risk of contracting pneumonia. Therefore, ensure you control your pain so you can continue to move around and accelerate your healing.

Recovering from your surgery should not be complicated, especially if you consider our home health services in Columbus, Ohio. Your body needs time to heal but getting the help you need may result in a shorter recovery time.

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