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Speech Therapy: What You Can Expect In Your First Session

Speech Therapy: What You Can Expect In Your First Session

Speech is integral in communication. It is easier to understand your family members and your friends when you can clearly speak to them and they can speak to you. But, when your ability to speak is affected by a certain condition or is a result of a specific illness, communication can get a little tough.

If you are engaging in home health services in Columbus, Ohio for your condition, you can also take advantage of speech therapy. This therapy can help correct and improve your speaking ability. It does not only tackle articulation or language issues but also swallowing and chewing difficulties.

Here are things that you can expect from your first ever session.

  • Assessment

    You will be working with a licensed speech therapist all throughout the duration of the therapy. The first phase will always be the assessment. In this phase, the therapist will evaluate your condition. He or she will identify the root cause of your speech disorder to properly address it.

  • Goal Setting

    Of course, the ultimate goal of this type of therapy is to help restore your ability to speak properly. Other goals may also be identified depending on your situation.

  • Grouping

    Generally, speech therapy services can be provided one-on-one, in a classroom or in a small group. But, a home health care agency in Columbus, Ohio offering this therapy will most likely send the therapist to your home for a one-on-one session.

  • Strategies

    No patient is alike. No therapy is alike, too. The speech therapist is responsible for planning and facilitating a personalized therapy according to your specific needs. Different strategies may be incorporated to help treat your condition. Some of these strategies include:

    • exercises that focus on proper articulation of sounds and words
    • oral exercises if you have troubles swallowing or chewing
    • exercises that strengthen the jaw, lip, and tongue
  • Duration

    The duration of the sessions will vary. Some may last about 20 minutes while others may need an hour per session.

  • Session Review

    The therapist will review the entire session with you. He or she may provide further instructions as to how you can continue with treatment even when there is no session. For the next sessions, a follow up of your condition as well as monitoring of your progress will take place.

Columbia Home Health Care is committed to providing quality home health care services to our clients. We hope to discuss our services with you to determine what you need and how we can help further. Get in touch with us today!

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