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Senior Care: How to Stay Safe When Exercising

Senior Care: How to Stay Safe When Exercising

Senior individuals also need to exercise even at their age. The active lifestyle is necessary to improve one’s quality of life, especially at the aging season. However, a senior may be at risk of injuries or other accidents when they are doing certain routines. It is for this reason that they will need the assistance of providers of home health services in Columbus, Ohio to ensure their safety while on the move.

To highlight that, here are essential reminders when seniors are doing exercises whether indoors or outdoors:

  • Transition Gradually
    Avoid performing the intense routines right away. These moves can strain the muscles and may lead to unwanted injuries. Instead, begin with low-intensity exercises to gradually transition the body to heavier forms of activities. If you will need the assistance of a physical therapist from a home health agency in Ohio, better set an appointment for a guided application of routines.
  • Warm Up, Cool Down
    Exercising should also be done gradually every time. With this, it’s essential that the proper warming up and cooling down activities is implemented so that your body can adjust to the moves and can also get ready to stop.
  • Wear Shoes
    Your footwear can help improve your balance. Ensure that your shoes are appropriate and well-fitted to your feet so that you can stand and move comfortably and smoothly. If you have other foot concerns, you may consult with a podiatrist for the health recommendations on the best shoes to wear.
  • Stay Safe Outdoors
    If you want to exercise outdoors, such as walking or jogging around the neighborhood, be watchful of your surroundings. Take notice of certain hazards that might cause tripping. When it’s not necessary to jog around, walk instead. It might even be ideal to exercise outdoors assisted by an aide providing home health care in Columbus, Ohio.
  • Hydrate
    Remember to drink water while your session is ongoing, and even before and afterward. Staying hydrated can help loosen up your body so that you will be more agile and balanced. With enhanced agility, you can maintain your balance and avoid risks of falling or accidents.
  • Wear Weather-appropriate Attire
    The clothes you wear for an exercise routine also affects how smooth or effective the activity will be. Ensure that these are comfortable clothing, and can protect you from the hot or cold weather, whichever is the setting at the time. Let a home health aide assist you in choosing the right clothes when necessary.
  • Coordinate with your Doctor
    In cases that you have special health conditions that need monitoring, ensure that your doctor approves the routines you would like to do. Their approval allows you to be in better control of your health.

When do you plan to start or continue working out? If you find the need for some assistance, reach out to us at Columbia Home Health Care and we’ll be glad to be of help. Contact us today.

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