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Quick Guide: What Seniors Should Be Eating

Quick Guide: What Seniors Should Be Eating

The concept of a well-balanced diet is something we advocate as a provider of home health care in Columbus, Ohio. This type of diet is ideal for all people of every age group. For seniors, a balanced diet can give lots of health benefits.

Do you have an aging loved one who needs help in preparing healthy meals every day? We have care providers who can assist them. But how healthy should a senior person’s diet be? In preparing your loved one’s meals, here’s a quick food guide for you:

  • Fruits and Vegetables
    A healthy diet is not balanced when fruits and vegetables are absent. Fruits and veggies contain natural sources of vitamins and minerals. So, for our aging loved ones, these foods are something that they will need for their overall health. When selecting fruits and vegetables, they can opt for fresh, canned, and/or frozen. Just ensure that the packed foods don’t have unwanted preservatives or high salt content.
  • Fishes and Beans
    Another important part of the well-balanced diet is protein-rich foods. Common examples of foods rich in proteins are fishes, chicken, pork, and beans. Protein is very important for seniors to increase their muscle mass. With strengthened muscles, they can be able to maintain their balance better. For other balancing issues that can lead to falls, a home health agency in Ohio can help your aging loved one prevent injuries.
  • Bread and Pasta
    Carbohydrate-rich foods are another essential part of the well-balanced diet. When preparing meals for the elderly, ensure that they have whole-grain cereals and not too much of the refined version. The whole grains have more fiber, which can improve their digestion.
  • Milk and Cheese
    Completing the set of their healthy diet is dairy food. The common examples are milk and cheese. When giving dairy products to our elderly loved ones, select the ones with low fat. Also, choose dairy products that are vitamin D-fortified. This vitamin is vital to strengthen their bones to reduce cases of bone brittleness.
  • Bonus Guide: Stay Away from Bad Fats
    As a provider of home health services in Columbus, Ohio, we recommend that a senior’s diet should include healthy fats. This type of fats is that that come from plants, such as olive, canola, or other vegetable oils.

Finally, along with a healthy diet, an active lifestyle should also be infused in a senior’s daily routine. Yes, healthy eating is essential for their well-being, and so is exercising. If your senior family member needs help when following through their diet or active lifestyle, we have care providers to assist them. Contact us at Columbia Home Health Care.

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