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How Can You Improve Communication with a Senior?

How Can You Improve Communication with a Senior?

Columbia Home Health Care has actionable tips you wouldn’t want to miss:

  • Practice patience.

    A conversation is a lot like tango. You need both parties to participate. Otherwise, the whole experience is likely to flop. Give your loved one to collect their thoughts. Listen not just with your ears, but with your heart and mind as well.

  • Give requests instead of orders.

    Did you know that using “You” in statements can make you sound bossy? Switch your phrasing and use “I” instead.

    For instance, instead of telling “You have to take your pills.”, you can say, “I think its time for your pills.”. This will make your loved one more cooperative too. Of course, you can also get home health services in Columbus, Ohio for assistance.

  • Ask, don’t assume.

    Assumptions can be made easily. The only problem is, they aren’t always accurate. Save yourself and your loved one from a guessing game. Ask questions if you’re not sure of something. It will prevent misunderstandings too.

  • Start conversations with something positive.

    You can remark about your loved one’s mood, outfit, etc. A compliment goes a long way in improving a senior parent’s mood.

  • Ask for advice.

    It’s an innate desire for people to extend help. Just like how you want to help an elderly parent, they want to aid you in their own way too.

    The act of asking advice comes with another perk as well. It helps seniors feel wanted and useful. Try asking your loved one for insight on a topic of their expertise.

On the other hand, if you need insight into home health care in Columbus, Ohio, call us. We have expert personnel that will cater to yours and your loved one’s concerns.

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