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Trends you need to Know about a Home Health Aide

Whether you’re thinking about utilizing a Home Health Aide for a senior you love or thinking about enlisting for your own benefit, the choice can be very hard to make. A Home Health Aide is a trained, skilled individual who is deployed into a home to watch over people with certain incapacities, diseases, or basic … Continue reading

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A Practical guide to Homemaker Services

The homemaker services program basically gives elderly people help with the instrumental activities of daily living (IADL). Sometimes referred to as chore services, these services include housekeeping, meal planning, shopping for food, and help in overseeing medicines. Limited assistance is given to a few activities of daily living such as bathing and grooming. The Homemaker … Continue reading

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Speech Therapy: What You Can Expect In Your First Session

Speech is integral in communication. It is easier to understand your family members and your friends when you can clearly speak to them and they can speak to you. But, when your ability to speak is affected by a certain condition or is a result of a specific illness, communication can get a little tough. … Continue reading

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General Tips When Monitoring Your Loved Ones’ Vital Signs

Monitoring vital signs is one of the most important roles of home health services providers in Columbus, Ohio for patients. Vital signs help doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals evaluate the basic functions of the body. Health care professionals often take readings of the 4 primary vital signs which are: Blood pressure Body temperature … Continue reading

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Essential Dietary Tips to Ensure Your Seniors Stay Healthy and Well

As we age, maintaining a well-balanced diet becomes more important than before. In general, seniors will be recommended to consume a variety of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and proteins for their overall health. But, apart from considering variety in terms of food choices for aging people, family caregivers should take the following into account: Prepare … Continue reading

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