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Home Health Aide Guide: Skills that Can Make or Break Your Relationship with Your Patient

A home health aide helps and assists individuals with chronic illness, disability, or cognitive impairment. Because of that, a person who wishes to become a home health aide requires having a lot of strength mentally, physically, psychologically, and spiritually to be able to attend to the needs of their patients.

Just like other professions, being a home health aide is not an easy job as well. You have to sacrifice your health, social life, and even your sleep to improve the quality of life of your patients. Nonetheless, all of your sacrifices and struggles are rewarding because you are able to help other people. But to be able to be the most excellent version of a home health aide, you have to learn the essential skills to create a good relationship with your patient and to avoid breaking your good ties with them.

To get you started, the following are the three important skills you have to learn:

  1. Patience.
    Being grumpy or irate is a normal response of individuals with a disability and chronic illness. That is why you have to have long patience when dealing with these types of people.
  2. Understanding.
    You have to be considerate and compassionate to these individuals. Remember, they did not wish for this kind of health condition which is why you have to learn to be more understanding of their situation. Try to put your shoes on theirs.
  3. Respect.
    Respect their decisions and feelings. Do not impose your will on them. As home health aides, you are there to guide them and help them, not to rule over them.

The list below are the two unwanted skills you must learn to eradicate or avoid:

  1. Overly compelling.
    Do not be hard on your patient. If they do not want to do something that is essential for their well-being like taking their medication, just try a tactic or a strategy to encourage them to take their pill instead.
  2. Emotionally unstable.
    Remember to control your temper. Despite your patient’s rudeness or crankiness, always put in mind that you should not be verbally or physically abusive to your patient.

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