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Help Prevent Re-Hospitalization for Your Loved One

Help Prevent Re-Hospitalization for Your Loved One

Time and time again, you’ll hear just how important it is for family members to support an elderly or ailing loved one with health issues. At Columbia Home Health Care, we provide home health services in Columbus, Ohio, and we’ve witnessed how the proactive involvement from family members prevent re-hospitalization.

If your spouse, parent, or partner has recently returned home from the hospital, we believe you can do so much to prevent re-admission and improve your loved one’s quality of life at home. Here is our guide on how you can help prevent re-hospitalization:

  • The Care Plan
    The care plan is a set of services designed by the primary care provider or physician. Find time to educate yourself about the care plan because this will help you deal with the situation better. It also helps to stay up to date with their doctor’s appointment schedules and laboratory tests. Arrange your schedule to work around your loved one’s care needs and medical appointments.
  • The Medication Schedule
    There will be a lot of medications prescribed for your loved one after a hospitalization. Our skilled nurses, who provide home health care in Columbus, Ohio, are primarily tasked with medication management and monitoring. However, our nurses are only there during scheduled visits which is why we strongly encourage family members to help out when they can. So, be sure to orient yourself with the different medications and their respective intake schedules.
  • The Diet
    The physician will most likely send your loved one home with food intake or diet instructions. There may be some food restrictions, so it helps if you shop for groceries and food supplies while considering your loved one’s new diet. If you can, assist with the food preparation and help create a meal plan for the next few days following their discharge from the hospital.
  • Take a Break When You Need It
    We know that the successive changes in your day-to-day routine will take its toll. Caring for an ailing or elderly family member requires a lot of effort and energy. While you may be doing this out of love, don’t forget to take care of yourself too. Take a break to avoid burnout! Ideally, you can take these breaks when our nurses or therapists are looking after your loved one during scheduled home health care visits.

Your loved one is going through a lot of changes with their health, and they need all the support they can get. Even when you’ve already enlisted help from a home health agency in Ohio, your pivotal role as a family member can still make a lasting impact in their recovery.

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