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Engaging Insulin Treatment: Help Manage Your Diabetes

Having diabetes requires you to take the necessary steps to manage it, including exercising, eating a healthy diet, and taking your prescription medications. You may even be taking advantage of home health services in Columbus, Ohio to help you in monitoring your blood sugar levels and managing your condition.

However, over time, your body may produce lesser amounts of insulin due to diabetes. There will come a time when you will start engaging in insulin treatment. Through this type of treatment, you can inject insulin directly as prescribed by your doctor to increase insulin levels.

How do you handle the situation? The following are tips you can use.

  • Understand the purpose of insulin treatment

    Just like other diabetic patients, you might question the need for insulin treatment. You have to understand that commencing this type of treatment does not mean that your diabetes is getting worse or that you have failed in managing it. This treatment can actually help you manage your diabetes even better, putting your blood sugar under control and preventing complications.

  • Talk to your care team

    If you are transitioning to insulin treatment, your home health agency in Ohio can help make the transition easier. You can ask them all the questions you want answers to such as how the treatment will go and what you need to do.

  • Learn how to inject insulin to your system

    Insulin is typically injected directly to the fat under the skin, not to the muscle, through a syringe, pump or pen. There are various methods on how you can inject it.

    Your doctor or a provider of home health care in Columbus, Ohio can educate and assist you on how to administer insulin properly.

  • Store insulin properly

    You should always check the label for directions on how to store the insulin you have properly. Storage procedures may differ from the brand or package although, in general, you can store it in room temperature for up to 10 to 28 days. Make sure not to leave and store the insulin in areas with extreme temperatures such as in the direct sunlight or the freezer.

  • Continue living a healthy lifestyle

    Even though you are already injecting insulin to your body, this is, by no means, an opportunity for you to go back to unhealthy lifestyle habits. Continue to eat healthily and exercise regularly. Do not smoke.

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