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Diabetic Foot Ulcer: Guidelines in Providing Care

Diabetic Foot Ulcer: Guidelines in Providing Care

Foot ulcers are very common complications for people with diabetes. This is also the reason why many diabetic patients will get admitted in a hospital or will receive home health care in Columbus, Ohio assisted by a skilled nurse. However, one doesn’t need to wait for the occurrence of foot ulcer in order to care for their feet properly.

With that, here are important guidelines in caring for your feet whether you have diabetic foot ulcer or preventing the occurrence of one:

  • Care Expectations at Home

    Healthcare providers are up to remind diabetic patients that diabetes almost always causes complications at the patient’s feet, damaging the nerves and blood vessels. Hence, when small wounds such as blisters occur, these may not heal easily. When you have diabetic foot ulcers, you can seek assistance from a skilled nurse who will provide you with home health services in Columbus, Ohio. As they assist you, it’s essential that you cooperate and follow their instructions and maintain necessary precautions in your own home. This way, you can trust that healing can be facilitated more efficiently.

  • Debridement

    For foot ulcers that have gone complicated, a podiatrist will be necessary to assist the patient. Debridement is the common procedure administered by a podiatrist, which aims to remove the dead skin and its tissues. The goal of debridement includes the following:

    • Cleaning and disinfecting the wound and its surrounding areas
    • Depth of the wound is checked
    • Dead tissues are cut and washed off
  • Control Foot Pressure

    The pressure on one’s foot can trigger or complicate foot ulcers, so these must be avoided as much as possible. Your podiatrist may require you to put on special diabetic shoes so that the pressure can be managed properly. A home health agency in Ohio can also provide you with a team of health practitioners who can oversee the best conditions of your feet. To manage the pressure of your feet, here are additional reminders:

    • Select shoes that are made from leather, suede, or canvas to allow air to pass through.
    • Select shoes that are easily adjustable, especially ones with laces or Velcro tapes.
    • Select and wear shoes that can properly fit your feet.
    • Select shoes that are closed, but not pointed, and don’t have high heels or leave your toes exposed.
  • Dress Wounds Properly

    To properly manage foot ulcer, one needs to adhere to instructions in implementing wound care. Whether the assistance of a skilled nurse is necessary or not, wound care can be implemented with essential tools and correct instructions.

Who is assisting your loved one in their diabetes management at home? To help avoid or control the complications of foot ulcers, get them assisted by a skilled nurse to administer proper care. Coordinate with our team at Columbia Home Health Care for the supervision of a skilled nurse at home.

If you wish to inquire further about our care services, inquire right away.

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