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Dealing with Your Child’s Chronic Illness as a Family

Dealing with Your Child’s Chronic Illness as a Family

Most people don’t associate children with chronic diseases and disabilities. But reality speaks otherwise. 10-20 million American children and adolescents deal with it, says Dealing with chronic illness in the family, more so if it’s a child involved, can be life-changing.

What are the challenges parents of ill or disabled children face? And how can home health care in Columbus, Ohio help make these challenges easier to overcome?

  • Communicating the Diagnosis

    Many hospitals allow you to choose between talking to your child alone or with medical personnel about their diagnosis. You can ask the doctor’s advice about the best course to take.

    For your part, be honest, explaining to them their situation the best way you could. This applies to the questions they’ll ask and be asking.

    Avoid sugarcoating if they have to go through discomforting or painful treatments. But assure them that these procedures are temporary, that they are for their good, and that you’ll be there to support them all the way.

  • Feeling the Emotions

    Don’t stop your children from feeling negative emotions toward their condition. That should be part of your expectations. Communication doesn’t only involve words. Other avenues of emotional expressions include music, journaling, and arts.

    Most importantly, be your child’s listening ear.

  • Normalcy in the Family

    Experts agree that while sick and disabled children need “tender, loving care,” there’s a drastic difference between it and coddling. You can give them TLC yet still treat them as you would normal children.

    • Stick as close as you can to your family’s usual daily routine.
    • Set limits on what you consider unacceptable behaviors.
    • Dole out discipline when needed.
  • Changes in Family Dynamics

    Disability and sickness can severely test your family’s balance. Devoting time to checkups and treatments can affect other members’ schedules. This might cause other children to feel compromised or neglected.

    Help them gain more understanding of your family’s situation by involving them in their sibling’s care. Stick to schedules as much as you can. Does family night fall on a treatment day? Apply some flexibility! Enjoy takeout pizza for dinner in place of home-cooked meals.

  • Getting Help from a Home Health Agency in Ohio

    Care help is not only meant for seniors but for anyone who needs it regardless of age. Some of the advantages you’ll get from availing home health services in Columbus, Ohio are:

    • Your child gets to receive facility-like care without leaving the house.
    • Your caregiving load is significantly lightened.
    • Care support allows you to free up time you can spend on yourself and with other family members.
    • You’ll be at peace knowing your child is receiving exceptional care even if you’re away from home.

“Be strong enough to know when you need help and brave enough to ask for it.”

Know that Columbia Home Health Care has your and your family’s back.

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