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Speech Therapy: What You Can Expect In Your First Session

Speech is integral in communication. It is easier to understand your family members and your friends when you can clearly speak to them and they can speak to you. But, when your ability to speak is affected by a certain condition or is a result of a specific illness, communication can get a little tough. … Continue reading

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3 Unconventional Things Our Home Health Companion Can Do for Us

There are circumstances when we are clueless about how we can communicate with our home health companion. We may wonder what they can do for us aside from the usual job description of assisting us with our needs. Our home health companion can be a friend, family, and even someone we can rely on to … Continue reading

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Top 3 Things You Didn’t Know About Home Health Aides

You have probably heard about another type of caregiver in your trusted home healthcare providers. We might have known the term “home health aides” but we still do not understand the nature of their tasks and responsibilities when it comes to patient care. Because we are now living in a world where health is an … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why Home Health Aides Are Our Heroes

How can we say that a person is a hero? When a person wears a cape? When a person fights crime? What is our concept for a hero? For one, a person can be considered a hero when a person protects others by using his/her powers. This is of course, a bit more of a … Continue reading

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