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7 Hoaxes about Speech Therapy You Should Stop Believing


Speech therapy is often an inclusion to home healthcare plans. It is a field of clinical science that addresses speech difficulty and its related issues. Being a contemporary and constantly expanding practice of science, its popularity garnered multiple misconceptions. To fully understand this, it is best to read the following:

  1. It is limited to curing pronunciation problems.

    Speech therapy, also known as speech-language pathology, centers at curing communication, voice, and swallowing disorders. Speech therapists implement and draft exercises to address the struggle experienced by afflicted patients. Though most speech therapy sessions implement speech improvement activities, these encompass conditions other than just lips and stuttering.

  2. It is only for kids.

    Adults, especially senior citizens, are viable victims of speech problems too. When a person experiences stroke, several parts of his body may become paralyzed. Once this happens, he may find difficulty in eating, specifically in swallowing.

  3. Bilingualism causes the problem.

    No research has yet been successful in proving that bilingualism leads to speech problems. Note, that mere fluency in the language is a determining factor that one needs to consider the aid of speech therapist. Mispronunciation of other words as a speaker may be affected by cultural influence.

  4. You are merely playing.

    Speech therapy takes advantage from the capacity of humans to self-heal. To propel such ability, therapists set appropriate moods for relaxation and recovery. Interactive games can be a strategy to cease stuttering and other related problems. Plus, it has been found that therapies using personal and creative approaches win the participation of patients.

  5. Psychological health is untouched.

    Contrary to the misconceptions, speech therapy actually enhances a person’s psychological health too. In modern approaches, speech therapy is utilized to help understand Alzheimer’s patients better. Therapists take into consideration the integral well-being of the patients and apply sensitive techniques to address the root of the problem.

  6. Speech problems are no real problems.

    Especially for senior citizens, changing voice qualities and having difficulty in swallowing can be indicative of serious health issues. Speech difficulties are serious problems and they are real. Not fixing these them will result in the deterioration of the human body.

  7. No food restrictions.

    This statement is dangerously wrong. Specifically for dysphagia patients, therapists and dieticians may recommend certain diet menu for patients. The selections may vary according to the severity. Some may be allowed to take soft food but others should partake pureed ones only.

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