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5 Ideas to Stop Forgetfulness

5 Ideas to Stop Forgetfulness

Our memory declines as we age. A majority of seniors aged 60 years old and above tend to be absentminded and forgetful most of the time. Though experiencing such conditions is normal, it is still best to be safe. It is still better to take good care of your mental health as early as now to dampen memory loss in the future. According to research, the best way to prevent forgetfulness is to live a healthy lifestyle, which means eating right, getting enough sleep, engaging yourself in mental exercises, and much more.

Keep your brain sharp and active amidst your golden years by following these tips:

  1. Engage yourself in mental exercises. If physical exercises make your body fit, mental exercises also keep your brain fit. Play mental exercises like scrabble or crossword puzzles. Be mentally active!
  2. Improve your social relationship. Depression and anxiety contribute to memory loss. However, you can protect yourself from it through social interaction. Take time to talk to your loved ones and get together with your favorite group of friends. Learn to socialize regularly.
  3. Keep your surrounding organized. Indeed, your surroundings can affect your mental health. You are more likely to be forgetful about the things you must do when your home is disorganized. That is why you should maintain cleanliness and orderliness at home.
  4. Get enough sleep. According to research, lack of sleep leads to inattentiveness. It affects a person’s performance. Do not deprive yourself of getting enough hours of sleep.
  5. Eat nutritious meals. Your brain needs proper nutrients and vitamins for it to function properly. Boost your cognitive skills and stop forgetfulness by eating healthy. Include fruit, vegetables, low-fat protein, and whole grains in your meal now.

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