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5 Home Remedies to Cope with Mild Fevers

5 Home Remedies to Cope with Mild Fevers

We are not always immune to the possibilities of having mild fevers. May they be due to colds, the infamous flu, or stress and fatigue. It is not uncommon to catch a fever. Having a fever weakens us. We feel sensitive and lose our appetite for food. Despite the struggles of fevers, we always have the options of coping with fevers while we are resting at home.

Columbia Home Health Care is here to help! We compiled a few home remedies you can do while coping up with these mild fevers. Home Health Services in Columbus, Ohio is really important. It would be our pleasure to be of service to you and your family.

Here are five home remedies to cope with fevers:

  1. Always drink water.

    Water is very helpful in keeping our body cool and hydrated, even with the presence of fever. Water helps in keeping our blood properly circulating around our body with a cooling effect. Regardless of the fact that we may have to constantly visit the comfort room, it is the best way to flush out toxins and unhealthy substances in the body.

  2. Sweating is good, too!

    When we have fevers, we always feel chilly and weak, which makes us stay in bed all the time. While rest is very important to get better faster, sweating is a great sign that our body is getting better. When we sweat, it means the heat in the body is being released. Keep drinking water to stay hydrated all the time, especially when you are starting to sweat a lot.

  3. Walk a little when possible.

    It is very common for us to stay in bed when we are sick. Sometimes, staying too much in bed could cause us to embrace our weakening. If you can, stand up and make a few steps to the couch or sit by the window for a different perspective. It helps that you can move around a little when your fever decreases. Rest is important but keeping yourself weak is not in the options. Thinking about the stress of being feverish is never an option as well. When you have enough strength, stand up, and breathe in fresh air. Stretch your muscles and drink plenty of water.

  4. Eat fruits and never skip your meals.

    Even when we lose our appetites, cherishing fruits is a good way of tasting something again. Healthy fruits have a way of convincing our taste buds to wake up. This way, our appetite to eat would return. We only lose appetite because we cannot taste or properly smell the food prepared for us.

  5. Keep your mind stress-free and worry-free.

    Think of happy thoughts and goals you would like to achieve as soon as you get better. When you have a fever, you weaken more once you start to overthink about things in your life, even your fever. Always make sure that you are comfortable and at peace with your mind to be well-rested. The least you would like is your temples throbbing because of all your worries and fears. Calm down and give yourself the chance to rest and sleep until you get better.

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