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4 Nail Care Tips You can Use for Your Senior Parents

Later in a person’s life, various personal care tasks can already become difficult to do. Due to the hassle that these tasks can bring, senior individuals may find themselves not doing their personal care routine. Many individuals may take advantage of home health services in Columbus, Ohio to help complete these personal care tasks.

When it comes to nail care, your senior parents will need another person’s assistance. They may be suffering from poor vision or are inflexible enough to handle nail care tasks on both hands and feet. While they can receive nail care along with other services from a reliable home health agency in Ohio, you can also do the following:

  • Trim their nails regularly

    Senior individuals can accidentally hurt themselves with their long nails. They can scratch their nails or even their eyeballs accidentally. To avoid these situations, their nails must be trimmed regularly and kept short.

    You may have to trim their toenails as they may have troubles doing so. Be careful when cutting the nails, especially if your loved ones have diabetes. A small nick or cut may already increase the risk of infection.

    Additionally, cut the nails after your parents have taken a bath. The nails often grow thicker as a person ages so soaking them in water will help soften them. As a result, they will be easier to trim.

  • Remind them to wear rubber gloves when cleaning

    Rubber gloves can help protect their nails, skin and entire hands from chemicals found in cleaning products. Remember, a senior’s entire body becomes more sensitive with age and chemicals can have a negative impact.

    Make sure that they keep a few pairs of rubber gloves in their cabinets or drawers. Help them establish the habit of putting on rubber gloves when cleaning.

  • Start letting them use a nail cream

    A nail cream can help exfoliate and moisturize the nails. A provider of home health care in Columbus, Ohio can help you find and buy a good nail cream for your parents.

  • Ensure clean hands at all times

    The nails may have been exposed to so much dirt. Always make it a habit to wash your hands properly with soap and water after handling your senior parents’ nails and even your own. If your parents also handled their own nails, proper hand washing is also necessary.

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